Integrated Document Management
A significant feature of our feature is the integrated Document Management which allows auditors to perfume a wide range of document attachment in any type of file format, including image file, word, excel, etc. With this feature all the document or attachment will be stored in database, not just linked to the file.

This feature also ensure that the entire document attached by auditors can’t be replaced without accessing this application. Without such attachment system, the workpapers cannot be totally automated, as key audit evidence (such as a signed purchase order or bank statement or hand written note) would have to be kept in a separate paper file.

Advantage Replication Engine
Auditworks has an advanced replication engine which allows user use the application In real-time network access environment and a remote / field works situation. The database architecture allows remote users the ability to access the entire audit without disrupting currents users.

Auditworks operates under a “standalone”, “repository” model and “client” model. Under standalone model you can use this application on your own and don’t need any networking environment. Under repository model you can work as server and working through your existing network environment. Under client model you can works remotely to do your field job. When you are done with your field work you can easily come back to your office server. The next step this application can also be operated in “coordinator” model, the last model will allow each member of the team to subscribed their work to their coordination in the field work using flash drive media or through network.

Automatic Referencing
Auditwork automatically references yearly audit planning to audit program, audit program to audit instruction, audit instruction to the audit finding and audit finding to the audit report.

Role-based Application
Auditwork is designed for audit teams and therefore it has a concept of logging into the audit program. Each audit team member has an assigned role that defines what access they have within the audit program. The Administrator, who by default is the creator of audit, defines these roles.

Audit Programs
All of these controls are self-contained with the software program-there is no need for any others tools, peripherals, or public or private key files.

Audit Universe System
Auditwork maintain all valuable information for auditee. This information can be used to determine whether this auditee will be include in the next audit program or not. This application can also automatically update the referenced information if there is any change in the process.

Audit Project Planning
A strategic plan helps guide the development of the internal audit function, Auditworks application will help the auditor to create their yearly audit planning. Auditor can easily sort the auditee based on the information shown.

Files encripted and compress
All workpapers are automatically encrypted when save within Auditworks. The result is the audit file cannot be accessed through the back door Enterprise Manager (SQL). These control are imposed at the application role, audit team and audit findings, thereby restricting the auditor to look up each findings or others team job.

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