Business environment today is challenging companies to operate with efficiency base mind set throughout the organization.
No longer can companies afford to get preoccupied with administrative functions that render them from focusing on their core functions. Let's take the HR function of a company for example. Previously, HR people are to functions only as administrative function such as attendance, leave forms and other clerical/helpdesk tasks. Now, HR department are taking a more consultative and strategic functions which directly support the company's core activities, such as motivating employees and building performance culture.

Employee Self Service
Give employees' access to their personal HR or tax information. Customized to your company's specific set of rules, to accommodate specific business practices-view only, update or notification. Allow Managers to Access Direct Report on Employee Information so they can manage their teams more effectively.

  • View or update bank, demographic and personal employee information.
  • Inquire payroll-related and withholding taxes information.
  • View or request verification on employment.
  • Enroll in training programs.
  • Apply for open jobs within your company.
  • Review licenses and verification dates for career development.
  • Attendance transactions and time-based income calculations.
  • Performance reviews.
Time Attendance
  • Manage any type of attendance plan
  • Create, modify and setup attendance rules as well as scheduling attendance time table rotation
  • Track all employees' attendance on jobs, tasks, or account codes and monitor regular or irregularity on their attendance. Such as tardy occurrences, time-off, accrual balances and carryover for any attendance category.
  • Flexible methods of calculation for either accrual of lump sum calculation to accrue time on daily basis, or at the beginning of a week Powerful Reporting Tools Help with Compliance and Strategic Planning
  • Provide management with analysis on absences for quick detection on attendance problems or abuses.
  • Provides an instant, year-to-date snapshot of employees' attendance status.
  • Generate notification reports to monitor attendance patterns and to reward employees with good or perfect attendance record.
Payroll Administration
With Manos, your central payroll department, remote offices, or multiple divisions can process payroll from start to finish in a few easy steps, including:
  • Calculation pay (including gross-to-net or mixed) of all types of workforce (daily, weekly, or permanent employees).
  • Support any type of salary payment such as rapel.
  • Manage rotation within branches of a company.
  • Provide bank transfer files, paycheck slips.
  • Generating comprehensive report according to cost center, product line, etc.
    Plus, your supervisors at branch offices can input and submit time for their team through a few easy-to-use web screens.
    There' s no need for duplicate time entry, thus reduce payroll errors.
Employee Income Tax
  • Tax Filling Convenience and Peace of Mind
  • Update whenever a new tax regulation and forms are issued by the tax office.
  • Calculate and generate monthly and yearly tax forms, ensure timely completion of tax forms.
  • Generate the e-SPT import file comply with e-SPT application from the tax office.
  • Choose gross, net or both as tax calculation methods for calculation the employee income tax.
  • Year-to-date calculation avoids tax overpayment at year end.

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