Manos is an Information Technology Consultant. Manos was established since 2000, with differential value and competency supported by experienced and talented people that used to be working for PWC and multinational companies. Since the first day of company existence, we had helped many clients to achieve their business objectives and pleasing the managements expectation with integrated practical solution in assuring their corporate governance and IT governance. Our vision is to empower Indonesian company with the best technology. The firm is dedicated to helping our clients and our people excel. Manos helps companies to streamline and to transform administration work into strategic activities. We will become a leading player in business risk assurance with solid understanding of international best practices (i.e. Basel II, COBIT,COSO, PRINCE2, ISO 17799, ITIL, SOX) and reliable localized operational risk (Opra) and risk based internal audit (AuditWorks) tools.

Knowing customer needs and expectation by delivering the service with integrated solutions.

Companies success depend on their optimization of their business process. To operate at a lower cost and to enhance efficiency, it is important that business streamlines costly workforce related process and work strategically.

Why We Are Different?
We realize understand what clients needs and expectation is not good enough to become the real trusted consultant. It takes more than knowledge and professional experience to be the leader in the market. These are the points that make us different:

We focus on what customer needs, problems and expectations. By doing this, we drive the project into proper project management cycle resolved the relevant issues and accomplished timely and on budget.

Practical Solutions

Clients are confused with many practices surrounding the issues that might applicable as reference. We understand the best practices and how these best practice become sound practice because we could map down which practice is the most practical for clients.

We have local resources with international experience therefore we could give competitive value to clients compared toother international companies.

We understand clients are still looking for international benchmark, framework and tools as solutions. We bring those framework and knowledge into practical local tools (i.e. Opra and AuditWorks) developed by local resources with international framework, methodology and competitive price.


Our services are focus on corporate governance, IT Governance and Business Assurance including operational risk management and internal audit. The following services will describe details of the main area :

Corporate Governance
> GCG charter development
> GCG policy and procedures development
> GCG implementation assistance
> GCG training and awareness

IT Governance

> IT Blueprint
> IT Policy and procedures development
> IT governance review compliance with COBIT, ISO 17799 and ITIL
> IT application review
> Computer Assisted Audit Technique (CAAT) outsourcing
> Developing and reviewing business continuity management
> IT operation outsourcing
> Application development quality assurance

Operational Risk Management

> ERM policy and procedures development
> Comprehensive enterprise risk management assessment (ERM) review
> Operational risk implementation assistance
> Risk and control self assessment implementation and assistance
> Key risks indicator data mining and development
> Sarbanes Oxley and Operational risk tool implementation

Internal Audit
> Internal audit department function establishment
> Internal audit performance enhancement
> Internal audit quality assurance review
> Internal control and risk assessment
> Internal audit outsourcing
> Risk based audit system implementation

To support our services, we developed reliable, practical and user friendly tools as follows:

AuditWorks (Risk Based Audit System)
AuditWorks is the comprehensive user friendly audit management system using the most advanced risk based audit approach. Audit management performance will be increase efficiently and effectively by optimizing the following modules:
> Internal audit department and internal auditor management system
> Audit management system including annual audit planning, audit engagement, audit fieldwork, electronic working
    paper and audit reporting

OPRA (Operational Risk Advisor System)
Opra was developed by the moment of Basel II should be implemented by Indonesian banks. Realized that no one of international tool can suitable and fit in the Bank Indonesia operational risk framework without customization. We are challenged to develop it using practical and integrated by convergence various operational risk framework (Basel II, SOX, COSO and AS/NZ:4369)