Turn your tax compliance activities into valuable and strategic activities and experience the process of preparing tax returns streamlined with Turbopajak Tax Management System.

Turbopajak is an easy, scalable and inexpensive way to prepare or to review your tax compliances. Turbopajak handles virtually every type of tax returns - from VAT, withholding taxes to corporate income tax/1771 returns. And it is a web based tax solution that allows you to manage your tax compliances or tax returns virtually from any location - office, home or remote location via the Internet. All you need is a Web browser and access to your company's intranet. Implement Turbopajak at your company's intranet and you will reap benefits :

  • Prepare your tax returns or review your tax returns from any location office, home or remote location via the Web!
  • Big Time Saving! Prepare every type of returns from VAT, withholding taxes to corporate income tax returns.
    Thus, you'll have more time to focus on planning, operate more strategically and impact your company's bottom line.
  • Audit Trail as much data as needed, even back to the commercial transaction!
  • Produces a Wide Variety of Reports! You can create management reports for internal analysis, equalization,
    pre-audit review, or tax audit purposes.
  • E-SPT. Convert tax report to E-SPT format. So that it can be filed electronically to the tax office.
  • Comprehensive Functionalities!
Turbopajak Product Family:
  • Turbopajak VAT
  • Turbopajak Withholding Taxes (Art. 4(2), Art. 15, 21, 23, 26).
  • Turbopajak Corporate Income Tax (Form 1771 Rp/US$).
  • Turbopajak Individual Income Tax (Form 1770S/Standard).
Product Architecture
  • Web-based
  • Supports connectivity by third-party software.
  • Scalability to enhance multi-user performance.
  • Multi-level security system (data and functionality).
  • Streamline processes and eliminate redudancies.
  • Ability to import data/records into Turbopajak for transactions that exist outside of the Accounts Payable system.
  • Capability to electronically prepare returns for all KPP's jurisdictions and capability to convert data into e-SPT format so that the returns can be filed electronically with the e-SPT functionality.
  • Ability to centralize VAT returns to one KPP.
  • Flexibility to customize calculations unique to its industry.
  • Ability to store or archive completed monthly and annual tax returns in PDF format separately and to print necessary returns.
  • Functionality of import and export tool.
  • Generation of a monthly audit report that provides a detailed record of how each record was treated for tax purposes.
  • Creation of an audit file that provides a complete record of each transaction that was processed.

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